you are a special kind of stupid.
Terri Magee Henderson

The ONLY reaspon im at all anti-tax these days is bec our govt is using our tax money irresponsibly — by giving it to wrongful wars, giving it in welfare TO the rich, TO the corporations who are at historically the highest profit margins history of history… and that egalitarianism IS something to behold and IS necessary, and IS healthy to practice, as a HUMAN BEING you SHOULD practice this standard. Ethics are everything, honor is how you go about doing your business. I see by the comments here by those who champion cheaters and liars, what their character is, and who is trustworthy and who announce they will happily cheat gutter-crawl for a few bucks.

Thanks for making it easy for us to pick you guys out… I do hope future employers who see comments like this, the ones where people say they’d happily steal bec ethics count for nothing, are the least honorable people we are all forced to walk on this earth with… and i’m so not happy about having to suspect so manytruly awful people.

Pay your taxes and get involved locally and make the govt do the right thing w/ the tax kitty…

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