PLAYLIST for mah funeral.

Goodbye lovers and friends, so sad to leave you, but rememeber this is not the end and we can laugh as we still together, but it really is the end.

As some people go away forever, life rises, you only have to remember to keep going cause life is to short.

  1. Goodbye lovers and friends / Franz Ferdinand
  2. Evil Eye (live) sil vous plait)) / Franz Ferdinand
  3. Lemon tree / 王若琳
  4. Wild World / 王若琳
  5. Can´t take my eyes off you / 王若琳
  6. Shake it off / Us the duo
  7. All i have to do is dream / Laren O´connell
  8. Little Talks / Julia Sheer & Jhon D
  9. Sweet Child O´ Mine / Taken by trees
  10. Smells like teen spirit / Patti Smith
  11. Hallelujah / Jeff Buckley
  12. Come as you are / Yuna
  13. LoveStoned / The hoosiers
  14. Pretty when you cry / Lana Del Rey
  15. Ride / Lana Del Rey
  16. Black Beauty / Lana Del Rey
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