3 Easy (and dare I say uplifting?) Actions We Californians Can Do Today

It’s May — a month of joy and fullness and frenzy that I find overwhelming. Add to that more than a few doses of political craziness and I just want to bury my head in the sand/covers/book/tv. In case you too might be feeling a little disheartened, I thought I would share a quick list of actions you can do right now to for our state and country.

Baltimore flag maker Mary Pickersgill, her daughter, two nieces and an indentured African-American girl created the original “Star Spangled Banner” in 1813. (Its on display at the Smithsonian in a surprisingly engaging exhibit if you happen to be in Washington DC) Source

#1 Take National Action

There are so many national issues that are offensive to our democracy that I suggest you start by picking one and take action on it. Here is a good overview of the plethora of objectionable — but ACTIONABLE options. Or sign a petition (or make a call) to support a special prosecution for the firing of FBI Director Comey. It wasn’t that Comey was doing everything right — it’s that the President isn’t supposed to fire an FBI director. This is what totalitarian despots do.

Whoops. Just writing that kind of fills me with despair so instead of despairing I signed a few online petitions. I invite you to do the same! Here is a great write-up on why this is important including a script to use if you want to call your rep. And here is the ACLU petition. Sign away! You’ll feel better for having done something.

We live in California!! Yay for us! We have the power to enact good progressive legislation right now — so lets do it. It’s important for our state AND it sends a beacon of hope to people across the country. THIS is the time to take local and state action. Here are the next 2 super-easy actions:

#2 Support Money Bail Reform

Bail reform has flown under the radar for me because it disproportionately impacts poor black and brown people and not so much my mostly-white, mostly-affluent peer group. We have a nationwide incarceration and criminal justice crisis and this is an opportunity to take a step toward making that better in California. The current system is inefficient, unjust, archaic and costly — especially for poor people. Here is the easy link to send an email to your State reps (even if you don’t know exactly who they are.) If you want a little more discussion of the topic, here is an interview from MTV and details on the legislation in California. (Or just check out the video below)

#3 Support the California Values Act

We can call or email our representatives in the State Legislature about supporting the California Values Act — an act basically designed to protect public safety by ensuring state and local resources are not used to fuel mass deportations, separate families, hurt the economy, etc. This is a counter to the Republican President’s anti-immigrant rhetoric and policies. California has an opportunity to use state rights and stand up for the American values we believe in. Here are more details and how to call.

Go California!

So many people are doing such good work. Connect with the organizations and people that resonate for YOU. Whether that means delicate and thoughtful conversations with loved ones who may have differing views, or diving in to local, national, or international issues — political or not — let’s keep doing it. Find the thing that calls to you.

And while you are at it — sign some petitions and make a few calls along the way. Its so easy to lend support to the amazing efforts others are leading — and I’m pretty sure you will feel a whole lot better doing something.

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