An Open Letter To You
talia jane

The fact that your bio is “better at thinking about things than actually doing them” speaks volumes on your character. I am 29 years old… just 4 years older than you are now…

I was fired from my first job at 16 which I had since I was 15. The reason I was fired; irresponsibility. I was getting paid $5.25 an hour at that time and I did not take the job seriously. But at the age of 16 (a few months after being fired) when I found myself living in someone else’s living room (not family) where I was expected to pay rent for the couch I slept on; I learned responsibility and what that meant. Doing whatever you need to do to make ends meet. I went back to that $5.25 an hour job with my tail between my legs and asked for a second chance. My boss agreed. I worked my way up as fast as I could by putting in the hours no one else would while still attending high school and eventually graduating.

By the time I was 22, I was married with 2 kids and thankfully no longer needing to live with a roommate. My husband lost his job and that point we decided to risk everything and start a business. While we built it, I worked full time… so, as far as responsibilities go; 2 kids to feed, shelter and clothes on top of ourselves, with one single income. And by the way, I was getting paid less than $12 an hour at that time and we didn’t have any kind of insurance given to us…

We’re no longer in that situation but believe me, going hungry so your kids can eat, not buying bourbon so you can have gas to go to work; well those are all decisions adults make when you need to make ends meet and those choices don’t get any easier…

The only way, you will get any further in life is accepting responsibility for your choices and being honest with yourself.

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