What does it even “matter”?
Yaron Schoen


My doing something that matters is “White Hills, AZ” and exposing the corruption and trying to get justice for people who have bought land up here. People have died in the process of trying to get “Justice” for for fraud and lies told by various people and entities who sold them land here.

I have been waiting 12 years to get justice for myself and others. The problem is the entities that are supposed to protect the public like the Arizona Department of Real Estate, and the Attorney General’s Office won’t do anything to protect the public.

Then there are other people who were just “greedy” and took advantage of other people by lying to them. This tale of woe continues again, by showing how greed for money allows the same perpetrators to come back and do business again here in White Hills, AZ. The story is unfolding on my Google Plus website https://plus.google.com/+NancyScott77/posts in the “Collections” section of my site and also being posted to the “Profile” and “Home” pages. This story for myself and others is not done yet as I have just started setting up the “Collection” which will reveal “all” the people that I know of who have been hurt or devastated by those very people who are back up here selling land again! I urge everyone to take a look and read what I am doing that “really matters” to me!

I believe God used you to show me your posting at this time, thank you my friend. I don’t see how to add a tag for White Hills, AZ so I will just use the “Life” tag. You are welcome to change that and give this piece a more fitting title if you feel it will reach more people. Thank you.

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