In a few hours the highly anticipated second Presidential debate will commence in St. Louis, Missouri. I have my question ready for the Republican nominee, Donald Trump. If I was one of the forty undecided voters that were chosen to participate in the town hall format tonight, I have a prepared question for Mr. Trump. 
 It is an economic policy question, springing from Trump’s greatly overblown moniker as a “job creator.” 
 “Mr. Trump: On September 28, 2016, the 57,000 union members of Culinary Local 226, an affiliate of UNITEHere, announced a nationwide boycott on all things Trump. What is the reason for your absolute refusal to recognize the union that these 500 Trump Hotel employees have freely voted to represent them. Is is because the members of this union are primarily Latino immigrant women that you perceive as holding no power whatsoever in this society and therefore not worthy of your attention?”
 In December 2015, nearly a year ago, the hospitality employees at the Trump Hotel in Las Vegas voted to join Culinary Local 226. The employees were asking for a comparable wage that their counterparts at the unionized Las Vegas Hotels were receiving. Their objective in joining Local 226 was a workplace free of abuse and intimidation and some benefits as well. Since that vote, the Trump corporation has not responded for their refusal to take the next step and begin to negotiate a contract between the hotel management and the new union members. Trump Inc. simply did not like the result of the December 2015 representation vote and have simply decided to ignore the entire situation.
 And, for nearly a year, the members of Local 226 have marched up and down the Las Vegas strip to bring their case to the tourists and other Vegas workers and the press and for anyone who will listen: our employer, Mr. Trump, refuses to acknowledge our existence.
 Therefore, it was no surprise when Local 226, with the support of the twelve million members that comprise the American Federation of Labor, announced their decision to encourage everyone to boycott everything Trump. This includes, but is not limited to, the Trump hotels, restaurants and golf courses operating nationwide. 
 “After a disgraceful anti-union campaign against their own workers, the hotel still refuses to negotiate with their employees,” stated Geoconda Arguello-Kline, head officer of the 57,000 member Culinary Union that represents the Las Vegas-area hospitality workers. “We call on allies and workers to stand in solidarity in a national until Donald Trump, the ‘Great Negotiator’ comes to the table.”
 The Culinary Workers Union wields great strength within Nevada politics, and this boycott will not simply go away as the Trump conglomeration wishes it would. There is also the distinct possibility that Nevada may not remain Republican as the Trump posse has hoped it would. 
 Consider the battle that was waged against these Trump Las Vegas hotel employees. Instead of forging a congenial and civil relationship with their workers, who were asking for $3.00 more per hour, the same compensation other hotel workers were receiving on the lucrative Las Vegas strip, the Trump conglomerate spent over $500,000 on anti-union consultants to advise them on implementing the best methods of intimidation and harassment on their employees. These anti-union consultants set out to produce an environment where the company’s employees become too demoralized, too beaten down and the thought of ever joining a union will never arise again.
 The anti-union consultants failed at their endeavor at the Trump Las Vegas. The hotel employees remain resilient in their demand for fair pay, decent working conditions and recognition of their union. It may take awhile, and no one knows the outcome as of this writing, but the boycott is an action that is certain to rankle Trump where it matters most to him: his money and his greed.

Originally published at on October 9, 2016.