5 Things to Help You Treat Acne Scars Right Now

Acne scar treatment in the Philippines has the impression of being expensive. That is usually the case when it comes to anything that involves seeing a doctor in the country. The same can be said even for people with a little more budget or some extra to spare. With that said, here’s a win-win idea for everyone — how about 5 things that you can do right now to clear up acne scars?

When Life Gives You Lemons

Lemon has grown in popularity in recent years for being a wonder fruit that can cleanse you inside, give you a metabolism boost, and it can also make your scars disappear. But don’t go rubbing lemon all over your face just yet. Use some of the juice and gently rub it on your skin. It might not work for everyone though; some people could get an irritation.

Run from the Sun

Vitamin D is definitely good for you so soaking up some sun in the early morning is nice, but don’t try to go out while the sun is harsh. The sun tans your skin, and any healing acne scar or present pimples could potentially tan and turn into darker scars after they heal. Especially in the Philippines, acne scar treatment requires that you avoid getting glared upon since we experience the sun hotter in this part of the world.

Baking Soda-mazing

Like lemon, baking soda is steadily becoming an all-around miracle ingredient. It is still a popular ingredient used for cleaning in the kitchen. Because it can be used as antibacterial, it can be used as a paste to treat scars and even pimples! Just add a little water to some baking soda and mix until it turns into a paste. Put this on your face and let stay for about 20–30 minutes. Wash it off after.

Lay off Skin Products

Skin products, in themselves, do not worsen acne. Some of these products even help to treat acne. The trouble happens when you use one too many products or use products that aren’t suited for your skin. If you aren’t sure of what to do, go for mild soap instead and stop using other skin product. Use lemon or baking soda instead.

Eat Right

We’ll finish this list off on a delicious note. To help your acne scars clear up, eat right. Eating right might be the cheapest acne treatment you can have in the Philippines. Make sure you get a lot of lean protein. Vitamin C also helps you produce collagen. You’ll also need vitamin E as antioxidant and Zinc to help in tissue restoration.