I used four frames to show four different places of Sydney at the same time of day and night. The reason why I choose this technique is that people can see four different places without going everywhere. They can just sit in front of the screen. According to the video, we can see that Westfield, world square and Queen Victoria Building always contains a number of people, while ultimo appears one or two people. We can conclude that the city of Sydney is specifically modern and urbanized. People live in Sydney often have activities in city. The translation in the city is faster than any other suburb of Sydney. And there are several kinds of food from different countries. Ultimo is a suburb near the city. The apartment and house are very old. Maybe because of this, people live here are almost over aged. Although there are some students, this suburb has two famous universities that are Sydney Uni and UTS. These students often be busy with their assignments, so they do not have time to go out. In conclusion, the number of people depends on the equipment of the place

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