I spent a quarter of a century ignoring my potential. For a long time, it was better and easier to pat myself on the back and say, “There, there, you have potential. You could be great.” It’s better than trying and failing, right? For a long time, it was. And then, it suddenly wasn’t. For the last fifteen years, a pressure has been building up in me. For nine of those years, a therapist told me, “Write.”
On dating men with “potential”

Loved this — especially the part about personal potential, not writing for 25 years. I could completely identify with this because I had teachers who said I had so much “potential” but I knew I was intrinsically lazy and only momentarily inspired by certain things. I too am the same age and look back wondering why I just can’t go for it or do it because I’d secretly want to not take responsibility if I just fail flat out.

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