The Moment of Moonlight
Matt Rosen

It was an interesting live and unexpected moment — yes, the story does matter. The moment matters in the context of unexpected underdogs can be victorious.

But if black and brown and gay children have to look to a movie to feel validated and “less alone” in this world — that’s a sad state of affairs… but then again… it is a sad state of affairs.

That being said — this — “I watched the United States elect a misogynist on live TV.” has quickly become old, boring and prosaic to your point. I didn’t vote for the guy and he might be a “ man-whore-moron” but there isn’t any evidence that he dislikes, despises, or is strongly prejudiced against women. Plenty of men on both sides act like morons when it comes to women. Trump clearly has some pretty rough edges but the labels are as tiresome as the Oscars themselves. even though , for me, it distracted from your object of applause, and we will disagree as to the value of that story — it matters.

( the movie was based on a book In Moonlight Black Boys Look Blue which was really good. I don’t go to the theater… but will definitely watch this later on Netflix)

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