Traveling life’s bumpy roads

Which path will you follow

15 years ago, I faced a crushing personal defeat. The road I was on came to a screeching dead end.
The experience eroded me to my very core. It felt as if my skin was flayed, bones bared and bleached, painfully exposed to the elements … I wanted to give up.
If, I did give up…what message would be left behind in the resulting desert of my life? Isn’t it better to fight, to claw my way back to the cool oasis of salvation?
I considered accepting the ultimate nothingness of failure; it is easy and without requirements. Just drift away. Naggingly, I couldn’t shake the doubt that I could be content with such emptiness.
Clearly not.
Through my grief, I kicked through the stone-like barriers and built a renewed me — true and long lasting. I overcame my enemy — she was me.
Instead of giving up, I became deliberate in my determination to weather the storm and all the storms ahead, I found a path that was challenging, invigorating, inspiring and would feel timeless. I knew which fork in the road I would choose… the one that led upward, into the light.
I remembered who I really was and I am alive and well.

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