What did you do ?
Yann Girard

Very literally, my 5 children- Who now have spouses and children of their own. In my world, this is the purpose of humanity — that is the “piece of me” that now will continue throughout the future millennia as my posterity continues. It is who I am, a Mom.

But clearly, I think your question stirs something more than just DNA and our reproduction success ( or failure for some people — sarcasm intended).

When I hold the child's chair that my grandfather built in the 20’s for my Mom, I feel closer to someone I never knew. It is a part of him. His hands, his heart, his caring for a daughter he would leave less than a month later and never see again.

The painting my Dad created in the 60’s while taking “ I dare you to take this art class “ throw-down from my Mom because he was too busy for hobbies, shows a rarely shown artistic gift that hangs on my wall. I miss you Dad.

My husbands gold medals from his athletic youth tells his grand-kids — I wasn’t always fat and old, I was awesome.

So if you haven’t put anything out there by now… you better get busy. It’s your voice, your signature — what you see, how you feel about life and those you love.

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