In this blog, we are going to be building a fully-fledged REST API that exposes GET, POST, DELETE, and PUT endpoints that will subsequently allow you to perform the full range of CRUD operations. As mentioned in the previous article, the blog series will encapsulate a production-ready project. Thus, this part of the blog will lay the groundwork for an online coffee shop.

The code for this part of the blog will be hosted here: The second part of the series, which is what this blog documents can be found in this branch.

To keep this simple and focus…

Coming from a JavaScript background, I have always wanted to learn a static-typed programming language, earlier this year I picked up Golang after reading the reviews about the language, Golang is backed by Google. Oh, and of course popular DevOps tools such as Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform, are built with Golang. After picking up the basics from this awesome tutorial by freecodecamp, I decided to build a production-level microservices architecture. This project will have unit tests, CI/CD integration, and robust architecture which can be expanded upon in the future. The frontend will be written in React.

This will be a multipart…

Nandan Grover

Coder, runner and a professional geek. Love to dabble my hands in the latest and greatest tech. To know more check out:

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