Dattebayo & The Virtues of Naruto Uzumaki

Naruto was one of those anime that I used to watch during my childhood. Despite the constant rerun by the local TV station, the show got me hooked and I spent a considerable amount of my time watching the series. The show has become an icon of my childhood.

As I got older, I realized that the main character of the show, Naruto Uzumaki, possessed the traits that made me admire him. Some of those traits are:

The willingness to improve oneself

Naruto wasn’t exactly a bright kid. Overshadowed by his peer Sasuke, he developed a strong sense of rivalry with him and competed for the attention of the girl he liked, Sakura. Later on, he was willing to undergo training from Jiraya for more than 2 years to improve his capabilities.

Forgiving the mistakes of others

As the host of Kurama, the nine-tailed fox that attacked the village which he lived in, childhood was tough for Naruto. Isolation from other children has led him to crave for attention. Despite how they treat him, Naruto is willing to fight to save his village from the threats that exist out there.

Fighting real hard to achieve your dreams

The path of becoming the Hokage wasn’t an easy one. Despite his circumstances, Naruto dared to dream big. The whole show focused on the struggles that he had to face in order to fulfill his dream. From passing exams to defeating a global shadowy organization, Naruto refused to give up on his situation and took small steps toward his dream.

In my opinion, the show was about fighting for your dream. Naruto, a compassionate character who struggled to become the Hokage of his village, has inspired me to not give up too easily on your dream. He also made me realize that you got to work hard to achieve your dreams, otherwise, it will stay in your dream. Naruto is truly a character that I admire and has a special place in my memory.



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