This Week’s Hi5 is Totally Going to the Kids (and the Kid-like Adult in all of us)

Build-it toys for the clever croutons in your life

20% Off These Super Rad Kids Toys. Only for Members of The New Stand…

Is it just us or does it feel like everyone’s either getting hitched or adding another one (read in voice of DJ Khaled) to the world’s population?

So in the spirit of procreation and all things youth, we bring to you the coolest build-it playthings for the growing crouton in your life.

Tegu Magnetic Wood Blocks

These Tegu Magnetic Wood Blocks are what you’d get if LEGO and Jenga had a magnetic baby. Good-looking and easy to clean up, kids and parents are all going to love it. On top of that, this aesthetically pleasing set comes in the shade of Sunset. Man, if that doesn’t make you ponder the symbolic sunset of your childhood…

AHEM* Got a little too real there, now back to the goods!


Right off the bat, GoldieBlox’s Ruby Rails is not your average playdoll. She’s a fricking skydiving action figure! Also, she looks to be about 10 years old — how badass is that? No doubt she’ll instill some outdoorsy inspiration into your favorite child. She only asks that the munchkin helps build her parachute so she can keep her daredevil self in one piece.

littleBits Gizmos & Gadgets Kit

The Gizmos & Gadgets Kit from littleBits Electronics literally has a little bit of everything for the young braniac. Every box is jam-packed with everything you need to create 12 inventions like a mini remote-controlled car and a bubble-blowing bot. Plus, there’s hundreds of more ideas online. Heck, maybe the kid will build a time machine and spark your own Back to the Future escapades. Okay, y’all most likely won’t but you still inspired the little one to become a Tom Edison in their own right.

Now, go treat your beloved little grown-ups right!

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