CubeTaxi from V3Cube Vs. Uberdoo Vs. Smart Car Tech…


Smart Car Tech is an Houston based organisation that does lot of Uber services and an open source software. It uses PHP Laravel framework and helps the users to access and modify the code according to their requirements. The main reason Smart Car Tech stands best out of all is that it has got default updated custom features in it also a very sleek template. The UI and functionality grabs User intention to play on the application. Also this has got updated technologies that last long in this competitive market. This software is a mixture of UBER and AVIS platforms , hence works for both Taxi booking and Rental management.

Let’s look at the Pro’s and Con’s of Smart Car Tech.


  • One of the finest software ever in the market.
  • Easy and User-friendly.
  • Upgraded technologies that helps users to sustain in the market.
  • A lot of added features like Airport booking, Hourly booking and so on..,
  • Geo-fencing to differentiate based on regions.
  • Acts as a rental management as well.


  • Rental management feature at times doesn’t help taxi company as a beginner. But has got a great future value.

Cube Taxi from V3 Cube

To begin with V3 Cube, here it has got a lot of Uber clone scripts that you can find for various services like Uber for Taxi, Delivery, Massage, Dating and so on.., Out of that here is my confession to tell you something on the Cube taxi which is for Ondemad Taxi booking. These days Uber Taxi scripts has become a trend setter for online business also helps Entrepreneurs to get a basic firm of stepping into this kind of business. Cube Taxi has also got up with all the basic features needed to begin a taxi business and supports the Users.

Here is some of the Pro’s and Con’s of Cube Taxi :


  • Easy and attractive interface
  • A detailed admin panel and user-friendly
  • Apps has got all the basic features needed to begin Taxi business
  • Easy for the users to work on their own for customization.


  • Although the admin panel has got lot of features in it , the apps screen looks very basic.
  • On a competitive Uber market the features matters a lot for the end user to download the application.
  • Also the app UI’s is not pleasant to grab user’s attention to look forward.


Uberdoo is an open source code and uses technologies like PHP, Node JS. The technologies are fine to use and built it for the future as well. This software has got a user- friendly apps and looks very neat. The apps are built using Java for android and Swift for iOS. Of course the technologies are updated one. Also it has got various services on Uber sector for Ondemand apps like V3 Cube, Smart Car Tech and so on.., Let’s get a look on Pro’s and Con’s of Uberdoo.


  • The application is User-friendly.
  • The app screens are very simple and clear to use.
  • Technologies are updated and hence this can sustain in market for some more years.


  • Features can be enhanced to enrich users attention.
  • UI is simple but not of much plugins or templates available.

Comparing between V3 Cube and Uberdoo , I recommend to move on with Uberdoo as it has a simple and neat UI also because of the technology upgrade. Uberdoo apps are smooth and easily understandable for any kind of people to use with.

Comparing between Uberdoo vs Smart Car Tech, I strongly recommend to take up with Smart Car Tech as it has lot of added features that pulls user to download the application and give a try. Also their research and development on Driverless Car is really amazing which is gonna rule the world in 2020.

Comparing V3 Cube vs Uberdoo vs Smart Car Tech, its good to go with Smart Car Tech which has got a great future scope in developing taxi business.

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