Top 10 LEED AP Exam Preparation Resources

LEED Exam Prep

Did you know that construction companies and design firms worldwide are shifting their business toward green building? In a survey by research firm McGraw-Hill Construction, 51% of respondents expect more than 60% of their work to be green in the near future. A new study by Burning Glass Technologies show that demand for LEED Green Associates and LEED APs has grown 46% in the last 12 months. Becoming part of this growing market doesn’t have to be as difficult as you might think.

Here is a list of the points to assist you in your pursuit to become a LEED professional:

  1. Understand the scope of the LEED Exam: Find out whether a LEED credential is right for you. The best resource I would recommend is USGBC site (the creator of LEED) or resources prepared by their recognized Education Partners like GBRI, GBES, Everblue, etc.
  2. Identify an Exam Prep provider: Studying on your own could be challenging given the amount of material covered on the exam. Since the new test under LEED v4 was released recently, you should carefully make a selection when registering for an exam prep program. There are plenty of paid exam prep providers you will find out online when searching on Google. Make sure they are approved by USGBC or are USGBC Education Partners. This will guarantee a minimum quality. Here are a list of things an ideal exam prep will include: a) Narrated Study Materials/Tutorial with option to download audio files b) Study guide that you can print c) Flash cards to remember important things d) Section or category quizzes (look for quizzes with answer explanations) e) Simulated Mock Exams (at least 2).
  3. Choose delivery method: Depending on your availability, schedule and learning method — there are live online classes (where you attend online meetings/ classes for over a period of time — generally for a month or so), on-demand only access (where you watch sessions at your own pace) and in-person (where an instructor teaches at a physical location). Make a selection that is right for you and your situation.
  4. Studying in a group or with a partner: Finding someone to study with for your exam has its own benefits. Some exam prep providers also provide group discounts, making it easier for your colleagues to join you in the pursuit of a credential.
  5. Take advantage of FREE Exam Prep Questions: There are websites that offer FREE sample questions, FREE tutorials.

Here are top 10 trusted LEED Exam Prep Provider Resources

  1. GBRI: Green Building Research Institute (USGBC Education Partner). They offer online, on-demand and in-person exam prep around the U.S including international locations. Exam prep materials also come with a study guide. Website:
  2. Ever Blue (USGBC Education Partner): They offer online, on-demand and in-person exam prep sessions. Doesn’t include a study guide. Website:
  3. GBES (USGBC Education Partner): They offer online and on-demand exam prep only. Website:
  4. Green CE (USGBC Education Partner): They offer online and on-demand exam prep only. Website:
  5. Green Edu (Not USGBC Education Partners): online and in-person. Website:
  6. The Exam Prepper: Not USGBC Education Partners but they offer materials prepared by USGBC Education Partners). Website:
  7. Popular Education: They offer LEED exam preparation materials. Website:
  8. Green Training USA: They offers live webinars or classroom training, on-demand videos and resource materials. Website:
  9. GreenExcel: They offers simulated LEED practice tests for LEED Certification exam. Website:
  10. Green Exam Academy: They offer study guides, practice exams & LEED exam prep classes. Website:

By: Mary Peterson

GBRI is a USGBC Education Partner and AIA Education provider. Be it LEED Exam prep or Continuing Education (CE) hours for AIA and LEED, the Learning Hub @ GBRI is your one stop shop for all your sustainability education needs. Embrace sustainability and be part of the green movement through watching online courses, attending trainings, reading articles, and working on projects. Watch the courses online or on-demand from the comfort of your home, office or mobile device or in-person at a location near you.

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