Teens suicide
In life, we are gone through many kind of stages facing different circumstances and the most crucial of all stages is teenage life. This is the age when we neither qualify as children nor as adults. On one side, it is the most joyous and interesting part of our life but on the other side, it is embaded with so many problems and difficulties. In fact, in the modern world, it is the most stressed and depressed period for this is the age when we have to decide what we have to do in future and what position we have to make for ourselves in life, simultaneously adapting the social norms. It is the most complicated and critical period in life of almost any person.
There are two main kind of pressures that are faced by teenagers today, like peer pressure and pressure at schools. According to statistics, teenagers in India are more affected by pressure at schools than by peer pressure.
Today, education does not means learning the acquisition of knowledge, skills, beliefs and habits and more than that exploring. Instead, today it is all about grades and degree. The most prevalent problem is parents want marks. They want an all rounder kid who could secure a good position in life and fit out in this competitive world. But often the pressure becomes excessive.
Parents put the heavy burdens of their ambition on the little shoulders of their children which I truly consider as child labour. In fact it is worse than a child labour. 
"Comparision is the theif of joy."
Today comparision is a common approsach in our society. In the present era, every child is familier with some kind of these words like, "Look! Your masi's son secured 95% in board." , "Learn somthing from sharmaji's s daughter, she stood first in class." or " You are only wasting our money, if you cannot score well, sit at home."
It is an irony that parents say so to ascertain the performance of their child. They certainly dont aim to hurt their their children but unknowingly thses verbal statemants do more harm than good. This creates a sense of pressure and stress which is enough to exploit their innocent minds. And, when this pressure exceeds its limits, ehat is the reasult? 
A permanent solution to all temporary problems.

Nidhin, a fourth year student in IIT Kharagpur commited suicide by hanging from the ceiling fan. Police found a suicide note that read 'Let me sleep.'
A 17 years old girl, Kirti Tripathi commited suicide by jumping from a five storey building after clearing her jee mains woth 144 marks. She left a suicide note that read, “It’s not because of bad scores in JEE Mains. I was expecting worse. It’s because I’ve started hating myself to the extent that I want to kill myself. All the noise in my head and the hatred in my heart, hatred for myself, is maddening.” “You manipulated me as a kid to like science… I took science to make you happy,” she wrote addressing her mother. She also warned her mother to not do “the manipulative stuff” with her younger sister, who is in class 11th.
Going by the statistics, at least 40 students kill themselves every year dur to stress over examinations.
The main reason for such cases is lack of guidance in their life. There is no one in their life who could understand their problems and feelungs and bring hope to their life.
We must understand that every teen has its own dreams, its own wishes and its own passion. Not every child wants to become a doctor and an engineer. Everyone has its own capacity. No one can expect every student to be the topper of the class. It is truly said, " A rose can never be a sunflower and a sunflower can never be a rose."
The only way to prevent such an evil from our society is trusting the students and giving them a proper guidance. They must be allowed to make the decisions of their life on their own and it is the duty of the parents and society to accept their decisions even if it results to failure because life is not about passing or failing, its about learning.

Efforts by Nandita Verma
studying in 10th standerd in St. Joseph's Academy Ghaziabad and an intern at PRAYAAS CORPS.

PRAYAAS CORPS is a non profit organization whose main motive is to teach underprivileged children. Also their perspective is to form a society where every citizen should understand their moral duties towards their society and work hand in hand for the betterment of the country.
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