Choosing a path

I think people are like water in the beginning.

When you’re a child, you’re gullible, impressionable and you’ll fit whatever you’re poured into. But once you reach high school, there’s this pressure from society to be more consistent. To harden up and turn into ice in a world where it’s hard to melt. And you struggle to choose your final form because society says that you can only choose once.

But that’s not what life’s about. A world full of perfect ice cubes is not an exciting one — I’d much rather have one covered in swirling oceans. If you’re stuck in your ways and unable to admit a lapse in judgement, or too afraid to change and go after what you realise you need to be truly happy, that’s not beautiful. But, if you’re always expanding your knowledge, interests, circle of friends and influence, but you keep that part of you that is eager to learn and experience, you’ve haven’t really changed at heart. Just grown. That’s what’s beautiful.

Don’t be afraid to melt and try something new. When you get over this fear, of starting fresh, being vulnerable, and being ignorant, you stop restricting yourself. You don’t tell yourself to choose one form and keep it forever. You’re more free, because now the things restricting you are external, and those are easily overcome if you have the confidence to overcome them.

Just imagine yourself in a challenging situation. Lost the job you hate but need? Don’t know a thing about your college major? You name it.What are the chances you’ll end up a loser? Small. How confident are you that you’ll eventually pull through? Very. It’ll be tough as hell to get through but that’s the price you pay for greatness. And through all of this, you’ll still be you, whatever the outcome. Challenges and material shortages don’t change who you are — they emphasize it.

Water in a cup, or a river, or a bowl is still just thirst-quenching, life-giving water. I’m just saying- try swallowing an ice-cube and tell me if you don’t choke!