My Favorite Entrepreneur- Gary Vaynerchuk

I’m a 16 year old aspiring entrepreneur. Like most I haven’t learned all of my entrepreneurial skills or thoughts on my own. I have looked up to many entrepreneurs over the years trying to gain as much knowledge as I can. However, out of all the entrepreneurs i’ve studied and admired there has been only ONE that has stuck with me and truly inspired me and he’s the reason for the next 10 years i’m going to work my face off. Gary Vaynerchuk or “Gary Vee” CEO and cofounder of Vaynermedia and all time business builder and day trader of attention is the most inspirational, hard working, and motivational entrepreneur i’ve ever encountered.

After studying Gary for months and months i’ve obtained so much knowledge and inspiration, but most importantly i’ve witnessed the truth. Gary Vee has continued to show me and all other aspiring entrepreneurs the truth, what it truly means to be an entrepreneur and the hard work it takes. Hustling to most is something they believe they’re doing day to day, but hustling to Gary is second nature and truly is an everyday thing. The grind never stops for him. If I listed all the lessons i’ve learned from Gary Vaynerchuk this post would never end and for that he is my FAVORITE entrepreneur.

“every minute counts”- G

If it wasn’t for Gary Vee i wouldn’t be making moves. I would be studying entrepreneurs and getting my knowledge up for the next 5 years instead of grinding and learning through experience which is the best way to learn, by failing.

“when you’re in do-mode you fucking get shit done” -G

I’m grateful that my passion for entrepreneurship has brought me to Gary at such a young age. I’m glad i came across “dailyvee” on Youtube and watched almost every episode because i’ve consumed so much knowledge, but knowledge doesn’t mean shit if you’re not applying it to your daily grind like my favorite entrepreneur. I’m here to make a promise not to those reading, but to myself that I will work my face off until my eyes bleed for the next 10, 20, 30 years, for myself for my happiness, and Gary Vaynerchuk is the reason why.

“Are u willing to bleed from your eyes for your dream?”- G