15 Really Sad Things You Didn’t Know About The Syrian Refugees

Plus, the insanely effective projects the European community is taking on to fix this bullshit

Nandini Jammi
Oct 1, 2015 · 5 min read

About 200 tech people, startup people and concerned citizens gathered in London today to discuss what we can do to help Syrian refugees during one of Europe’s biggest crisis (#Techfugees). We all know that things are bad, but some of the following was news to us — and it might surprise you too:

  1. Most Syrian refugees are not in camps. Why? Because camps are dehumanizing, and often dirty, dangerous, and offer no opportunities for work and independence. They’d rather be anywhere else.

Some notable #Techfugees tweets:

Refugees without addresses.
Words from one-time Senegalese refugeee turned social activist, @mjamme
@Maid_Marianne reminds us of the viral power of visual data
MyRefuge launches its beta at #techfugees

NOW! This is how can you help:

  • You can donate your old laptop to Refugees on Rails. It will go straight to training refugees in Berlin in Ruby on Rails. [Learn more]

More AMAZING projects & orgs to talk to:

Hashtag Charity (Give your time and talent to high-impact tech projects — or get in touch with @franzisbecker)

Project Temp Home (AirBnB for refugees — see also Refugees Welcome)

Data Journalism Blog (If you’re a data nerd or storyteller get in touch with @Maid_Marianne)

NetHope (They’re actively looking for telecomms specialists to help bring connectivity to refugees or ANY collaboration ideas — get in touch with emergency@nethope.org)

Digital Humanitarians (They’re a pool of networks and volunteer orgs — tons of opportunities here)

German for Refugees (FREE language learning for refugees, launched by Busuu to help Arabic speakers learn German and English. Learn more at #germanforrefugees)

Refugee Aid App (It will be a single point for refugees to find information, connection and support. It will also help NGOs push out relevant information quickly to them. They’re looking for part-time devs and designers to make it happen.)

Refugee Maps (Mapping collection points, gatherings, groups and drop-off locations all over Europe so you can connect with other people who care.)

Thanks to Facebook, SkillsMatter, Wayra, BrainTree_PayPal, FieldHouse, Malwarebytes, Nesta, Tech London Advocates, The Exponential Network, Paddle, Incredibly, Skills Matter, Pavla Kopecna, Interchange and Rewired State for making this incredible event possible!

And a big thanks to Mike Butcher and his crew of volunteers for pulling this initiative together in JUST 9 DAYS.

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“You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” — Buckminster Fuller


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