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Dropping bombs — how creative!

Are you aware of the human cost of war? Are you aware of the sheer number of people who have been killed, displaced, whose lives have been irreversibly shattered as a result of our interventions?

Many of the young men who have joined ISIS saw their family members killed, their livelihoods disappear and their destiny and human dignity wrested from their hands by American bombs. In fact, this is the common thread that ties every act of violence and uprising we have seen from this region. Sure, some are legit sociopaths, but the vast majority attracted to Isis don’t have access to the basic reality that we take for granted. Let me identify those for you now: basic human dignity, access to education, jobs and economic mobility.

You have access to the entire internet, plus food, water and an American passport. From your seat of privilege — a place from which you ostensibly will never have to experience war — I invite you to find a solution that doesn’t involve killing people you don’t like.

You know what would destroy ISIS? Inviting Syrian refugees to join us in the US. Our compassion would stop their movement dead in its tracks.

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