I’m sorry, but I am not a racist asshole, which is what I think you just called me.
Lauren Holliday

It's not relevant to me if you’re a racist asshole, Lauren.

The man you’re supporting is a racist asshole who plans to pursue racist asshole policies by using racist asshole rhetoric to scare mostly white people who don’t feel safe anymore.

So whatever your personal motivations, you’re voting for a man whose first actions will be to deport Mexicans, administer religious tests on immigrants, scapegoat our Muslim neighbors and halt our refugee intake to make you feel safe.

You’re perfectly within your rights to feel afraid of the world right now — I definitely empathize with that.

But don’t go complaining that your support for a man who refers to blacks, Muslims, immigrants, asylum seekers as if they were monolithic threats and has active plans to strip them of their human and constitutional rights — makes YOU feel persecuted.

Welcome to our fucking real life nightmare!

If you’ve not had a chance to travel outside of the U.S., I encourage you to do so. America is the safest place on the planet and has the toughest immigration in the world — come to Berlin, in fact. The people here will be happy to tell you what life with walls and division are like.

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