Spotify employs 1200+ people in 30+ countries. Innovation in team management is the secret of their success.

Great Internet companies build awesome products. Great engineers work hard to achieve this goal. But, how that is made?

As product features and popularity grows, serious scalability problems arrives, so engineers squad must also scale to make it possible.

This video shows how Spotify organizes staff in autonomous but aligned teams of engineers:

I love it! This company is focused in development. This idea is essential to understand their success.

I miss more content like this in entrepreneurship literature. Spanish media usually talks about offices decoration, logo changes, networking events, eccentric celebrations, etc.

Everybody seems to skip the only important ingredient: motivated talent working hard.

Zapatero, former Prime Minister of Spain, said in 2007 that Spain was in the “Champions League” of world economies. Months after, a global financial crisis arrived causing well known effects. Economic crisis started in 2008 but political and moral crisis came from further. 

It’s a hard time for being a citizen in Spain. I belong to a generation of young people that became adults at the end of past century. We found a not so encouraging panorama then.

Half of the working class were getting rich thanks to real state bubble, while the other half were assuming huge debts for live.

In this context, most jobs were over-remunerated positions for non-qualified staff (construction peons, bricklayers, carpenters, plumbers, etc.). On the contrary, highly qualified proffesionals (engineers, researchers) were occupying precarious jobs.

Property business was a cash cow. Nobody worried about the…

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Is a new social media?

I’m impressed with the simplicity of the publishing process. May be I’ll adopt it as my main way of comunication in English…


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Web Engineering And Domestic Existentialism

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