Why I think GCP is better than AWS

AWS is the best platform to showcase how great GCP is…

Fernando Villalba
May 9 · 24 min read
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Ikea for Cars

Accounts vs Projects

Web User Interface

Jeff Bezos is an infamous micro-manager. He micro-manages every single pixel of Amazon’s retail site. He hired Larry Tesler, Apple’s Chief Scientist and probably the very most famous and respected human-computer interaction expert in the entire world, and then ignored every goddamn thing Larry said for three years until Larry finally — wisely — left the company. Larry would do these big usability studies and demonstrate beyond any shred of doubt that nobody can understand that frigging website, but Bezos just couldn’t let go of those pixels, all those millions of semantics-packed pixels on the landing page. They were like millions of his own precious children. So they’re all still there, and Larry is not.


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Product Overload

GCP has done well integrating their different services together. GCP provides a smaller set of core primitives that are global and work well for lots of use cases. Pub/Sub is probably the best example I have for this. In AWS you have SQS, SNS, Amazon MQ, Kinesis Data Streams, Kinesis Data Firehose, DynamoDB Streams, and maybe another queueing service by the time you read this post. 2019 Update: Amazon has now released another streaming service: Amazon Managed Streaming Kafka. GCP has Pub/Sub. Pub/Sub seems flexible enough to replace most (all?) of AWS’ various queues.

AWS is a lot more Expensive



Google is a world leader of Scalable Infrastructure.

So what’s better about AWS? There has to be something!

Typical Objections to using GCP

But wait, there are lots of third party tools to automate AWS so it’s not a problem

So if GCP is so much better, why so many more people use AWS?

Fear that you won’t be able to get another job if you chose GCP

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Fear that GCP may be abandoned by Google

Google doesn’t “eat their own dog food” with GCP

Internally, Google uses this infrastructure for several high-traffic and global-scale services, including Gmail, Maps, YouTube, and Search. Because of the size and scale of these services, Google has put a lot of work into optimizing its infrastructure and creating a suite of tools and services to manage it effectively. Google Cloud puts this infrastructure and these management resources at your fingertips.

“You can’t get fired for choosing AWS”

Disdain for Google

But this AWS complexity is creating so many jobs for us!

So will GCP ever catchup to AWS on market share?

My friends ask me if I think Google Cloud will catch up to its rivals. Not only do I think so — I’m positive five years down the road it will surpass them. Because today, Cloud is about helping other companies build software like Google does. All those great things about working at Google? Making them available to other companies — that’s the product market fit.


So I should always pick GCP then?

Okay then, GCP is perfect, let’s go for it!

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