Reading only doesn’t cut it.

We hear every other person quoting, what they decipher from abundant books of great philosophers.

These inspirational quotes sure do make us give an instant rush like, “I’m ready to conquer the world right now”.

And these philosophers must have too done there part of admiring those other Grand philosophers before them.

Many of us admire the vast oceanic world, and satisfy ourselves with loads of books, videos and aquarium visits.

Rarely we may come up with something beyond what books already gave us.

Now I recently read through some pages about Sewage treatment plants . It was interesting to know that sewer water can be treated and reused in agriculture fields.

I got this opportunity to visit one and got to Know how badly the collection pits stink.

And people like us work in such atmosphere, making sure the sewage plant cleans efficiently our waste by products.

This bit of knowledge is not important for exams ,but is little more than books I read .

That’s all.