Story of a uri based xss with some simple google dorking

Hey everyone,

This is a old xss bug which I found in a private program on hackerone by doing some google recon. Because it was a private program I will the name the site as everywhere.

So lets start,

The program seemed to be quite old but its scope was wide with a bunch of domains.I thought that many people might have already tested the main domain. So I thought of exploring other domains in the list first. During the initial testing I did’nt find anything useful.Then I thought of doing some google dorking using

Site:* inurl:redirect

and appending various things like intext: ../index, admin , sql , url , redirect etc. After using redirect in inurl parameter I got an interesting endpoint like this

It suddenly took my interest and I started looking for bugs in it. First I tried redirecting it to and it worked. Then I thought of javascript uri parsers which can lead to xss. And added this simple javascript uri in redirect parameter

And now the site took me to the login page as I was not logged in to the site. I logged in and alert popped up. There was also no protection on logout so user can be logged out of his account and then again be sent to this malicious url and when he enters the creds xss executes and the attacker can do whatever he want like phishing, cookie stealing, keylogging, etc. Unfortunately the same endpoint was also on some other domains of that program so they were also vulnerable.

The program responded very fastly and gave a good reward.


If you are lost in a program and dont find anything, always look for other things like google dorking, reading source code for some other endpoints which are not seen in main app and might be many hunters have missed them.


I will add a small list of dorks you can use to find these kind of bugs.

inurl: redirect,url,next,redirect_to,page,site

These can even lead to ssrf if there is not proper sanitization in code.So keep digging on these. You can also try other dorks for finding hidden gems. You can find the latest updated dorks here . Google dorking is great to find some sensitive endpoints,parameters, always give it a try during your testing :)

I will post some of my more findings here in the upcoming weeks. Till then keep hacking and sharing. This community is great and we should learn from each other and share. #TogetherWeHitHarder



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