The Human Rights of Women Entrepreneurs
Reid Hoffman

Thank you for stepping up on behalf of entrepreneurs who happen to be women. It is an important discussion but I want to point out that we should also consider these boundaries on behalf of ALL entrepreneurs. I don’t believe this problem is an issue only for women. Men and women in power positions make inappropriate advances against men as well. I would argue it is probably even harder for a man victimized in such a way to come forward. Boundaries crossed in business transactions are inappropriate. Plain and simple.

I am a bit fearful of some of the current tone resulting from an industry recently reeling from these issues. I don’t want to be treated with kid gloves in interactions with my investors who might be afraid I might misconstrue their behaviour toward me because I am a woman. I certainly don’t want to be in a separate class as a “woman entrepreneur.” I am an entrepreneur who happens to be female.

All people doing business together need to be respectful. Bad behaviour is bad behaviour. And I couldn’t agree with you more for the need of governance to identify these bad actors. An individual who engages in these acts does not reflect the industry as a whole.

Having been supported by some of the best venture teams I could hope for, I personally have not experienced any of this type of behaviour when dealing with venture firms (working in Hollywood is a very different story) and FWIW, I also do not feel that I have been a victim of gender specific discrimination. I have always been treated fairly and given the same opportunities for advancement as my male counterparts. If anything, I have sold myself short at times along the way.

Thanks again for your support and the war cry to ensure that people speak up when they find themselves in these unfortunate and unlawful occurrences.

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