Managing Laravel 4 Localization

In this article I will explain how to implement a quick solution for setting up session and cookie based localization in your Laravel 4.2 app.

First, we need to set up our configuration file. It has a default locale, but it does not have an array of available locales, which can be used. So, we will create a new variable with available locales in our config. That is required — so that user will only be able to select out of available locales.

Next we need a way to set a locale and also save it to user session so it would be available later. So we create a new method in a controller (I use a base controller — but that really does not matter much).

And we need to add a route for this method in the router:

We will use the Laravel App::before() method — to setup the application locale on each request. App/filters.php already has the method declared, so we can add the code there. (Thats ok for this tutorial).


Thats it! Now you can add the ‘locale/{locale}’ route to your application, and when a user clicks a link — his locale will be switched to the one you have set for him.

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