The Contribution Of Nan Inc Towards Nature: All About Mahana Estates!

The Aloha spirit of Nan Inc is known to everyone. The way this locally established, owned and operated construction company is working today reflects its owner’s Patrick Nan Shin’s closeness with the culture of Hawaii. Even after achieving so much success, the Nan Inc Owner has always stayed grounded and treats every person with deep care and respect. He is a popular philanthropist who believes in giving back to the community. Being connected to an array of charitable events and organizations, his company Nan Inc promotes the Aloha way of living through their continuous support and financial aids to the poor and the needy. Patrick Nan Shin is setting a beautiful example in Hawaii who does not leave any opportunity to serve the masses. He even enrolls his employees at Nan Inc to be the active supporters, contributing to the making of a better world.

However, Nan Inc has not just supported the people and their needs but has also taken many initiatives to preserve the nature and its resources. The biggest example of their contribution towards nature is the Mahana Estates at Kapalua Resort, where the team Nan Inc undertook land development with nature in mind. This place was given over to agriculture for over 100 years, where they cultivated pineapples but the absence of crop rotation on this land didn’t do any favors in restoring the quality of the soil. As a result, all the necessary soil nutrients got depleted and the use of harmful fertilizers and pesticides began to rise.

Once devoted to agriculture, now this land is home to Mahana Estates, a planned residential development project of Nan Inc. This new site is surrounded by the popular Kapalua Resort, where environmentally-aware sustainable principles and practices are now guiding the development at every phase. The poor soil practices were a big barrier for this entire development but with the efforts of Patrick Nan Shin and his team Nan Inc things got easily managed here. The erosion control steps taken by the Nan Inc made this land fertile once again. But this wasn’t easy for the team; this land fertilization took three years to show results and that too with the help of a granular inoculum in the form of MycoApply Endonet, which was done to give the seed a better chance to survive.

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It was the sole initiative of the Nan Inc team who worked hard and tried every technique to transform this infertile land into a highly fertile one. This MycoApply Endonet not only helped in enhancing the plant growth but a

lso made the land tolerant enough to bear those environmental extremes. Patrick Nan Inc and his team Nan Inc made every effort to restore the fertility of this barren land and the best part was their efforts paid with astounding results.

Their idea of land development with nature in mind not just proved beneficial for the new construction site but for the environment as well. Now the land is both healthy for plant growth and yields and as well as for the people of Mahana Estates.