When Nan Inc Undertook The Hyatt Regency Guestroom Renovation!

Waikiki, one of the most happening spots of Honolulu that witness tourists from all over the world. With Diamond Head making its mark all over the boundary and people from around the globe gathering for a sun bath at its shoreline and a dip into the Hawaiian waters, this place plays an important role for Hawaii tourism. And, Nan Inc got the opportunity to remodel and revamp the two towers of Hyatt Regency here in 2014, which has been a landmark property of Waikiki for nearly 40 years. The innovation of renowned Hawaii developer Christopher Hemmeter, this hotel was originally the part of $100 million, 4.5 acre Hemmeter Center Development, which was known for its extensive shopping and convention spaces.

After dominating the Kalakaua Avenue in 1976, this twin-tower hotel became the largest construction project, which was also known to have taken the largest private loan in the history of Hawaii. It was the year 2014 when Oahu’s hotel occupancy rates rose to 82 percent and the need for more guestrooms was felt. Then, Nan Inc was called to renovate its 1, 221 guestrooms in a short span of nine months at $34.5 million. For a hotel that has not been updated since 1999, this time duration was extremely short and it took a 2–1/2 week time for team Nan Inc to refurbish just its one floor.

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It was Nan Inc owner’s versatile team and high-end customer service that lead to the speedy and efficient renovation of such a big commercial development. The building brilliance and shrewdness of Patrick Nan Shin helped Nan Inc and the crew meet deadline after deadline with a clear vision. The team did their best by putting in all the extra efforts and sacrificing whatever they had to, just to get their goal accomplished on time. This was not an easy project; there were challenges of all shapes and sizes, starting from re-pouring of concrete slabs to replacement of bathtubs, all of which demanded a great deal of time. But, the team Nan Inc didn’t lose their confidence and managed to conclude everything perfectly on time.

The vision of Nan Chul Shin and his brisk awareness about construction helped his team achieve the project goals and deadlines. They walked on the footprints of their owner Patrick Nan Shin and were able to achieve what they promised. Without a doubt, it was a difficult project with strict deadlines but the determination of the people of Nan Inc lead to its beautiful transformation and that too in a given time slot. The changeover of such an iconic place that sits right at the entrance where one enters into Waikiki beach was the result of combined efforts of a great team of Nan Inc. They helped in providing a comfy and modern place for people to experience the island of Oahu.

Nan Inc’s great work is very well reflected from the massive transition of Hyatt Regency, which is the testimony to the fact that it is built on genuine aloha.

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