In light of the recent developments and given the growing global concerns around COVID-19 (Coronavirus), we have made the difficult decision to withdraw from the upcoming CoinfestUK 2020 conference in Manchester, UK.

We have decided to withdraw at this time due to national health advisories on travel, which affect our plans to provide an engaging exhibition of Nano and the surrounding ecosystem. Additionally, we want to give all those who have made plans to attend adequate time to rearrange. …

At the Nano Foundation, we are always looking for opportunities to strengthen and support our shared ecosystem. By working to make Nano as accessible as possible, through the provision of well-maintained documentation and by supporting developers and services closely, we help to create a fertile environment for new and existing services. Occasionally we identify services that play a particularly important role in the ecosystem and further explore potential methods of support.

Since its release in August 2018, Natrium has been one of the most popular and acclaimed wallets available to Nano users. …

This week was a busy one internally here at the Nano Foundation. A new full stack engineer hired, Andy Johnson assumes additional responsibilities through promotion, Solidus testing well on the beta network and a UK meetup announced. With all that in mind, let’s read on!

Calling all UK Nano community members

Conversations with third-party Nano developers

This blog was written by and based upon series of interviews carried out by Nano community manager RockmSockmJesus. Emphasis and formatting edits have been added to quotes for clarity and readability.

Communities have extraordinary power. The collective attitudes and efforts of its members have the potential to affect significant change, from micro to the macro scale. Thriving communities are able to gain momentum and overcome great hurdles from the seemingly small (and sometimes large) actions of their individual members.

The Nano community was in its infancy throughout 2017 but began to grow at a pace in early 2018, and has…

The following report details the two recent incidents of local block rollbacks on a small set of nodes. The incidents were made possible by the introduction of epoch blocks and resolved with the latest V17.1 release.

Incident 1

On January 14th at 11 pm GMT an invalid fork resolution attempt was detected between a distributed account-open epoch block and a send block, with this root block. It occurred on one of our internal nodes and on a handful of other nodes on the network, most notably the Canoe and representatives.

During propagation of the epoch block across the network, the affected…

At 8 am EST, we received the first of multiple reports of users receiving unexpected deposits of Nano into their Binance accounts. We promptly made contact with Binance and recommended they immediately suspend all deposits, withdrawals, and trading until the root cause was identified.

The issue was localized to a small number of nodes that were not upgraded to v17.1, and no double spends occurred on the network. We listed the v17.1 upgrade path as recommended, though more precisely it is a required upgrade, which contains a fix to prevent an issue where transactions could be replayed in rare circumstances…

The Nano community is an incredibly vibrant and active gathering of people from all around the world who share the bold ambition of making Nano a global digital currency. With user-friendly platforms designed for the sharing of content, ideas and projects, we try to set the stage for this wonderful community to flourish as much as possible.

But our efforts are just a drop in the ocean without having involved and uniquely skilled Community Managers(CM) and moderators to guide and engage our community. They are truly what make it great. …

Fabián talks with us about and

This week, I was able to catch up with Fabián, who is running a Nano outreach program in Venezuela. You may remember Fabián from when we spoke earlier this year about their project. Fabián and his team recently launched and I was looking forward to learning more about the work they have done over the past months and their plans for the future.

It’s been a while since we spoke about your project, can you fill us in on what you’ve been working on the last few months?

We’ve been working on building a solid base for adoption to happen here in Venezuela, now we are looking forward to further developing the Nano ecosystem. Over the last several months, our team has been contacting…

Boulton RC#2, NanoBrewed, Huobi USDT Pair and More!

Boulton RC#2 Released

The second release candidate for the Boulton version of the Nano node software was released this past Saturday and is currently undergoing testing on the beta network.

There are still a few issues the developers are working on before the official main net release, and another release candidate should be expected. Currently, they are tracking instances of high memory usage by nodes and network confirmation times are higher than expected.

If you would like to participate in testing on the beta network, head over to

Now Available for Testing on the Beta Network

The 2nd release candidate for the Boulton version of the Nano node software is now available for testing on the Nano beta network.

This highly anticipated release includes several major features, including Lazy Bootstrapping.

A full, detailed list of enhancements included in Boulton can be found here.

The release tag can be found here. To participate in testing on the beta network, visit for information on starting a node and receiving Be-Nanos.

Thank you to everyone in the community for their assistance with testing.


  • Lazy bootstrap improvements (#1427)
  • Add confirmation stats and per block duration to confirmation_history (#1433)
  • Extend…


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