Nano Node Version 13.0 Released

The long standing bug with the wallet failing to shut down cleanly has been fixed. Previously, it would not properly close connections and allow the process to cleanly end.

Bandwidth usage should also draw down as we continue to make changes and optimizations to network propagation. This version should also significantly lower CPU utilization.

Thank you to everyone in the community who contributed to the code and assisted with testing.

The version 13 release can be downloaded here or can be run using our official docker image nanocurrency/nano.

13.0 Release Notes

 * Confirming quorum against online stake instead of a fixed quantity
 * Configurable online weight minimum and quorum percentage delta
 * No longer holds bootstrap attempt open while forks are being resolved
 * Expanding the window in which blocks are rebroadcast to the network
 * Votes are announced until quorum is met
 * Missing blocks are pushed back to the frontiers-requesting peer (#844)
 * Rep vote optimizations / transaction cleanup (#849)
 * Support nano_ address prefix (#854)
 * Reduce peer list fanout in half
 * Removing private addresses from live network peers
 * bulk_push_client fixes
 * Removing the unsynced database and dependency visitor
 * Fix handling of invalid wallet work (#832)
 * New timout mechanism with lower overhead
 * Statistics support (#759)

 * block_confirm: New RPC action to allow manual triggering of block confirmation
 * block_hash: New RPC action to return the block hash (#830)
 * stats: New RPC action to retrieve node statistics
 * account_history: Fixed the account field for state block sends (#819)
 * block_create: Allow zero balance in block_create for state block sends (#817)

 * Resolve breaking changes in Boost 1.67 (#829)
 * Improved tests and code simplification (#814, #815, 25b73b)
 * Performance improvements and code improvements (#831, #838)
 * Logging improvements and code documentation fixes
 * Prevent log deletion by inactive_node (#802)
 * Fix inverted check in scan_receivable causing spurious asserts (#846)

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