261 words : Post-breakup rebuilding.

I wish I could say that we broke up. But that’s not true. You broke up. And by breaking up, you broke part of me.

I’m still in the process of rebuilding myself, piece by piece. One step at a time. And I know that it takes time, everybody tells me that I should take my time. And I’m going to. Because I’m reconsidering every single piece and if it still has a place in my new life without you. Was it really a strength or something holding me back?

I’m reinventing myself, but not because of you or in an effort to please you — but for myself, because I deserve it. And because in the end I’m the one person I really have to live with – always.

So yes, I’m still heartbroken at times — sometimes it hits me harder. Sometimes I manage to easily deal with it thanks to my rationality, my friends and good playlists.

I really miss you. I miss being loved by you. But mostly loving you.

I’m very good at loving other people. But now I’m forcing myself not to. I don’t want to get lost in rebounds and being hurt again.

So I’ve decided to channel and focus all this love only on myself. It will be the first time in five years. It’s a change. But only when I’ll be totally at peace with myself will I be ready to love someone else.

You broke up. You broke me. But I’ll rebuild myself and be a better me.

For me.