End Of Year Conclusions And Predictions

Looking into the ASIC-driven crystal ball.

2015 was an exciting year in Bitcoin, never a dull moment. There’s been so much material, research and software being released around Bitcoin it’s not really possible for any single human to keep up with all of it (my “read later” link list is looong now).

I started this blog in October, kicking it off with a few rather popular posts, getting more than 15.000 visits, among my own personal favorites were “Did Satoshi Predict Pooled Mining And Asic Farms?” where I went through old writings from the man (or woman) himself, proving that Satoshi did not envision a future where anyone with a computer or a cell phone would be mining (that’s just stupid!). Another of my own favorite posts was this one: “Is Bitcoin Mining An Energy Waste“? “Compared to what?”, as Gavin Andresen replies to that uninformed question.

But the most popular post was this one; “Why “Professors” In “Economics” Don’t Get Bitcoin”, followed closely by “It’s not too late to save Ethereum” (by now it seems it is though). Placing third in my traffic stats I found my own explanation on how Bitcoin gains its value: “The Bitcoin Formula”.

I’ve just started a new podcast with that same name, listen to the pilot episode here. I will hopefully be able to kick that into weekly gear in 2016, starting with “ep. 1” in which me, myself and I and @datavetaren plan to discuss the very interesting question “What Is Money?” — and the related question: “What is Bitcoin?” — the answer is not so obvious. Datavetaren just published an excellent article on his view on that matter, here.

This is an excerpt from Webonanza.com. Read the rest of this post here.

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