[App Redesign] Better than flipping a coin: Last Piece app


Last Piece is an iOS app that helps you randomly make a decision. Instead of flipping a coin, you can use a more aesthetic way of choosing randomly. Unlike a coin, this app allows you to randomly choose between any number of choices.

Details of this app are available in the app store via this link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/last-piece-choice-decision/id924895527?mt=8&ign-mpt=uo%3D4

The redesign

Because there are components of this app that does not match the user’s conceptual model well, I primarily focused on intuitive design, which will also help improve ease of learning and error frequency.

Below are mockups of my redesign of the app on the left side and on the right side is the same screen from the original app. I will also be explaining what I changed between each of the two screens below.

I recommend downloading the app from the App Store and walking through it once to get a better understanding of the flow of the app before viewing the images below.

(Note: I did not include screens that I did not make changes to.)

Since the toggle button pertains primarily to the screen that follows creating the slice list, I removed it in order to reduce confusion.

I removed the “Finish” button in order to reduce confusion between “Finish” and “Done.” I also changed the name of this screen from “EDIT SLICE LIST” to “SLICE LIST” to reduce confusion between edit mode and default mode.

The original app only allowed the user to toggle the Elimination Mode after the user pressed “GO.” There is one special case, however. When the user first reaches this “Decision Making” screen, they can toggle this button, but not after pressing “GO” and then “STOP.”

(This screen is for when Elimination mode is toggled on) For the sake of consistency, which also helps in reducing confusion, I changed the two notifications here to match the notification that appears when Elimination mode is toggled off.

In the original app, the hamburger menu opened up the “SAVED LISTS” as shown below. This list was not intuitive because plus signs typically bring the user to a new screen where they can create a new item. However, when this list is accessed from the decision making screen, it will save the list that the user currently has on the decision making screen. Thus, I created a menu to clarify the actions available to the user and also to give the user additional options that they can easily access.

In the “SAVED LISTS” screen, I also deleted the plus sign since I replaced the functionality of the plus sign with the “Save this list” button in the menu above.

Please comment below and leave critiques, ideas, opinions. All input are greatly appreciate. Thank you! :)