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  • Fabián A. Quinteros

    Fabián A. Quinteros

    En continuo aprendizaje…! apasionado por trabajar en tecnología, desarrollo de software e innovación tecnológica.

  • Elias Tazartes

    Elias Tazartes

  • Diego Poza

    Diego Poza

    Head of Content at @auth0. System Engineer, geek, foodie, technology lover, speaker

  • @ChrisMatthieu


    Builder of companies, robots, supercomputers, & motorcycles. @xrpanet & @twelephone CEO. Formerly @magicleap @computesio @citrix @octoblu @nodester @teleku

  • Amalgama


    We are a digital consulting firm. We develop digital products that people love to use. Visit us at www.amalgama.co and contact us at hello@amalgama.co

  • Victoria Perelló

    Victoria Perelló

  • S M Anwarul Islam

    S M Anwarul Islam

    Always striving to learn new things and improve my knowledge | A tech enthusiast | Front-end Developer on a Journey to the Backend | Perfection is My Habit

  • Andres Mendez

    Andres Mendez

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