Important announcement: will cease operations in the close future
Aug 12 · 2 min read

Hi Everyone, has decided to shut down operations — which will be done gradually so that everybody has a chance to move their funds or copy the seed (please always have a backup of your seed in a safe location when dealing with cryptocurrencies). There will be 3 phases:

1 — Phase 1 (Duration: 3 months): A big banner will be set on the website, warning users of the situation. New registrations will be disabled. A few weeks into this phase, receive blocks will stop being processed (they can still be received importing the wallet seed into any other NANO wallet). Also, periodic emails will be sent informing registered accounts about the situation.

2 — Phase 2 (Duration: 6 months): enters legacy mode — users will only be able to log in to obtain the wallet seed — but not process payments.

3 — Phase 3 (Duration: Undetermined): Recovery will be assisted manually from support. We still have to define how this will be done — but probably we will do a simple bash tool to decrypt encrypted wallets which the remaining users will have to obtain contacting support.

In all phases we will be available for support ( Please do not hesitate contacting us if you have any issue.

The reasons for the shutdown are:

  • Ecosystem diversity: When was created, it was the first “light” NANO wallet which allowed users to interact with NANO without having to download the ledger — reducing the entry barrier a lot. It was an extremely popular wallet in 2017, after which a lot of new wallets with better features have appeared. We are very happy to have helped the community and contribute to its growth, but we believe has served its purpose, being time to retire.
  • Maintenance and costs: As many wallets, due to the open source nature, there are no ways of steady income. The infrastructure these years has been funded by the devs and by generous community donations. Moreover, support is very time consuming due to the volume of users.

A full list of different NANO wallet alternatives can be found here:

Regarding the representative, we will keep it running as long as it has enough voting weight to contribute to the network.

We would like to thank the community for these years and hope the best for NANO in the future! We will still be around, and hopefully keep contributing with new projects.

The Team

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