If we learn from our mistakes , why are we always so afraid to make mistakes?

What is considered to be a successful life?

If love truly exists , then why does it have to hurt so much?

Why is it so difficult to get a job anywhere in the world and yet you have the qualifications to get it?

Why is it that the ones you trust the most are the ones who betray you?

How come we sit in the same class, are taught by the same professor but one gets an A and the other gets an E?

Does everyone on earth have equal opportunities to all the resources ?

Why are some people rich and others poor and yet we all strive to be well ?

Can a person ever have enough of anything?

Why do people have to take vows on their wedding days and yet they still have eyes for other people?

Why does it make news when a female cheats on their husbands and when the husband cheats , it is considered normal?