By Viktor Hanacek

Before i went for my story telling class, i thought i knew myself very well. I knew that i was an extrovert but this was because of what people kept on telling me here and there that i was so outgoing and lively. However i had never taken time to look deep into myself and do some inner exploration of who i really was.

Having attended my class for story telling , i knew i was wrong about a lot of things.The professor talked about a series of things with regards to story telling which included perspective , self introspection , vulnerability , meta cognition among others.I learnt that the best way to tell your story is being able to do self reflection and processing and the best way to do this is through keeping a journal and going beyond our own illusions.

I am trying to become more open and vulnerable in my day to day activities although it is sometimes uncomfortable. I have accustomed myself to keep my journal daily even if i have only a sentence in mind.I have also been able to find some of the answers that i have constantly asked about myself through self introspection.