Who am i?[ Introduction]

Hi. You probably don’t know me and i surely don’t know you either.

BUT HEY … I just want to tell a story about my freaking life. You may called it boring or maybe awesome (which is far beyond that). I’m going to assume that you might want to know about it.

As i’m writing this down to this white blank page, i am currently 23 years old now. I have been graduated from university for 1 year now and working as Network Engineer in Thailand. WOW. You may think that i might be such a smart person.

BUT I AM NOT (I only got b- / c+ for my engineer subject).

I’m ordinary just like you, living my life and like to watch Netflix just like you. Now, the things that i want to talk about myself is that I AM WEIRD.

The meanings of weird can be describe in so many levels. But to me, i just being weird. If you don’t think so, you can judge by yourself;

I like every kind of movies except romantics. I like every kind of musics except the pop culture which always win the fucking awards. I like being sociable but i hate people. I like to plan a trip but would rather stay at home. I like black colors that i don’t have any colorful clothes in my wardrobe. I like rock music but too lazy to go to their concert. I like watching horror movies alone at home but refuse to watch them at theater. I like to sleep but i like to watch the sunrise too. I like pizza but i only prefer pepperoni (i can’t eat others flavor). I act like a bitch, look like a psychopath, but cry when watching lion king. I have two moods (serial killer and flash from zootopia). I love gaming stuff but refuse to play dead space 1. I addict to A-line bob. I love to watch makeup tutorial but i can’t even put foundation on my face smoothly. I never have a romantic relationship in my life because i hate couples (LOL). I like science but i dress like a fucking witchcraft. etc.

As you can see… i might be normal for you at one point, but i’m still weird to other people around me. Oh.. and you maybe thinking that i will have less friend than normal.

Turns out it wasn’t.

I do have a lot of friends and they really think i’m some kind of alien. My life is not actually suck as it should.