Welcome To Me

Here I am, at the start of my glorious journey towards salvation and you’re coming with me. It’s been frustrating thus far, but that will build and some lucky man (hopefully men) will reap the benefits of this exasperated girl.

Tuesday is set, and I’m meeting with Mr Fun. Let me tell you a little about our interactions up to now. We met for a drink one night and there wasn’t really a moment when either one of us wasn’t talking. His high energy and quick mind is something I’ve always enjoyed in the company of others and I fully welcome this rare beat with child-like enthusiasm. We talk, we kiss, he grabs my ass and I drive off feeling like I’m on cloud nine. “I get to fuck this guy and he’ll take care of me financially?” Seriously, who can explain to me what’s wrong with that?

This just in starting an hour ago: a guy messaged me with access to his private photos. I clicked to check him out, and I was not at all disappointed. He has this whole “007” theme on his profile that’s sort of seeming like a Red Flag at this point and I’ll tell you why. His profile originally says he’s from -not California and I messaged him expressing my despondency to his distance. He reassures me he has a house here as well, and is currently living here with his family (there is a natural disaster happening where he shows he’s from so this seems plausible.) Our next few messages are just cushions for what he was going to say next: If we were to see each other, I would only be allowed to see him. No boyfriends, no problem. No other men in general? I just don’t think I could do that, not cold turkey.. and probably not at all. I let buster know this (at least the “not right away” part), and he thanked me for my transparency. We are still planning on meeting but I’m sort of getting a sense of controlling nature with this 007. Especially if he’s obsessed with a SPY, what sort of fantasy world has this man bought for himself? I’ll update more on this as it unfolds.

Mr Fun is new to this dynamic and it’s taken a good amount of my patience to teach him right from wrong. To be honest, some moments I completely give up and vow to drop him, but something keeps pulling me back. We had a phone conversation earlier where we set up how many times we’ll meet and at what day/time, how much he’ll help me with and how excited we both are. Hanging up that phone, I swear my eyes rolled to the back of my head. I was so turned on and I just sort of hopped around with a dumb smile on my face for a bit.

Well, like I told 007, I’m exhausted and ready for bed.

I’ll keep you all updated with my sexploits and I’d love to hear your thoughts on relationships of older men and younger woman (I think it’s hot.) I’d also love to hear if you think I’m just being paranoid about 007, and if I should just sack him altogether or give him a shot and at least meet up with him in a public space.