Curiosity hasn’t killed me yet

Curiosity is such an underrated concept.

There’s so much talk about genius, talent, and hard work; and which of those is imperative for success! In my opinion, curiosity is the most essential for making progress. It keeps you on your toes and it makes you want to learn more. To grow as an individual. One should want to learn more and be introduced to newer ideas because it helps the brain grow and think in different ways. When the mind expands its reasoning, it means it can come up with innovative ideas.

‘Specialization’ is an outdated term now ‘interdisciplinary’ is the word.

Reading and grasping things that are not in your domain of interest is what makes you better. This will aid you to have conversations with people who are not necessarily in your area. Discussions will help you discover more about the topic and be more informed.

All of us want to be smart but we are looking for a blue pill in order to make us smarter but the truth is being intelligent is solely in our hands. A lot of us don’t have an amazing IQ and the only way we can get smarter is by reading and reviewing.

We all know reading is good and is going to benefit us but then why are we not doing it? Because we are not inquisitive about what the book has to offer.

Curiosity ignites the desire to read and discuss! And without that desire, no amount of online articles about how reading is the best thing you can do can actually make you read.

Curiosity enables you to ask questions, no matter how small! This will further augment your insight and make you better than you were before you asked the question! We are so afraid of being stupid and asking silly questions — we need to strip that off and just ask because it doesn’t matter what others think of you as long as you are learning and you are gratified with that. And this can be extremely hard because you don’t want to be stupid.

I admit it, I am sometimes scared to ask questions in the fear of sounding dumb but I am consciously making an effort to change that because — 
(a) Stupid questions provide a way to establish a base level of what is expected of you! [lower the expectations, the better]
(b) It can initiate discussion that leads to knowledge.

So, stay Curious!

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