Those were the days

One day, my mom and I were talking about growing up and how it all happened so fast. We were talking about my childhood and how notorious I had been. I then turned to her and asked her about hers. She had told me stories about her childhood in the past — bits and pieces of it! But I wanted to know more about her…

Her eyes light in excitement as she is about to tell a detailed version of her story. She was a part of a huge joint family, something that has almost ceased to exist now. She spoke fondly of the people in her house which by no means could accomodate so many human beings without them stepping on each other’s toes — literally and figuratively. Sadly, she has not spoken to many of them in a long time and their conversations have now been reserved for family gatherings and weddings. Having been to some of these family get-togethers, I can say that they go back to being children when in each other’s company!

It is weird to think even my mom was young once.

Rebellious, carefree, fighting, and hip. She insists she is extremely happy with her life now but she misses being a child because she didn’t have to care about doing the household chores or having to worry about her children all the time.

There’s a nostalgic joy in her tone and a warm glow in her face as she reminisces her childhood.

The thoudand yard stare in her face is probably in search of how her childhood ended so soon. She talked about all the pets she had, their activities, and routines. She remembers them vividly, as if it happened yesterday! She then talks about the notorious kid that she was. My mom, notorious? Pfft, I dismissed that thought in an instant even though I knew she was indeed telling the truth.

As she wraps up her story, there’s an odd sense of satisfaction in her face. May be she just went to her happy place — as a child. She takes a deep breath and says, “Those were the days!” and walks into the kitchen to make coffee. What I’d give to get a glimpse of you as a child, mom!