You can’t control it all

Sometimes, things don’t go our way, there’s no way to have control over everything happening to and around us. We all know this but sometimes, all the things happening can be overwhelming and it leaves us flustered. Now, I’m not talking about the things that we need to do in order to do better in a situation — like study, work harder or be more serious! I’m talking about the kind of things that’s truly outside our control like the weather.

These are the things that we should accept as it is because no matter how much we try we cannot change the outcome.

And this is especially frustrating for someone like me who likes to have things in place at all times.

Right now, I’m going through a major change in life. I’m going to be starting my graduate level education starting next month. WHAAAT! To add to the already terrifying news, it is in another continent across the world. If that’s not enough reason for me to be freaking out, it’s in U.S.A. WHAAAAT! (sorry, had to do this! :P)

And there are a lot of things that aren’t in my control — my undergraduate results haven’t been announced yet and I don’t know if it will be anytime soon and I need to submit those documents to the university and the whole process! And it frustrates me greatly!

Because I like finishing things off completely so I can focus on the next task and I like having predefined goals that can be easily crossed off my to-do list!

And having spoken to some people, I understand many of us have this side of us.

But the things is, no matter how much I force there are certain things that I’ll never be able to have any control over. And it’s okay because in the end things work out well. I am learning to accept that now.

The first step to making progress as an adult is to understand that there’s a problem and then work on how to fix it. So, I’ve taken the first step and heading towards the second. Do I get points?

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