My father often warned of what would follow if i did not spend my time properly.
He would refer to the concept of time as being a danger, especially for those that were ignorant of the subject.

He told of time presenting the illusion that it can spare but a moment for us to prioritize the present. The falsehood that life is meant to be enjoyed especially the spontaneous moments that the present brings.
He told of how dumb it would be to think that there’s nothing else other than the present. Wanting to only confront what directly affects us and to delay everything else.

Back then my mind was far removed from this lesson with words falling on inattentive ears.

Over the years i have learnt that one of the consequences of a flawed understanding of time is procrastination. 
When you’re only used to react to only what’s in front of you, delays becomes the Standard Operating Procedure.

We delay the inevitable and find comfort and enjoyment in distractions. When it comes to accounting, it is likely that we have little or nothing to show for out time.

This is the real and ever present danger of the concept of time.