The year was 2015 when the world witnessed the worst migrant crisis since World War II.
Media houses run stories dubbed desperate journeys, a show of how dangerous it was for these migrants to get to Europe.
In Europe its leaders were spewing vile analogies, usually for comic relief, in an attempt to explain to its populace why they were allowing and most of the times would deny asylum to these refugees.

Nicolas Sarcozy, former French president, (pictured) comparing the migrant crisis to a pipe burst.

(Pictured) Former UK Prime Minister David Cameron

With developing countries at the time taking up 86% of the total refugee population, Britain had pledged to take only 187 Syrian refugees while Slovakia was only willing to absorb 200 Syrians as long as they were Christians.

This changed in September when pictures emerged of a little boy washing away in a Turkish beach.

Initially the lives of countless other immigrants who had died in the Mediterranean didn’t matter but Aylan Kurdi, was the single, pure most innocent wonderful soul that even got Hungary of all nations one that is anti-Muslim immigrant, one that had closed its borders to prevent refugees from using their trains and soil for transit, was willing to offer asylum to the father and the rest of Aylan Kurdi’s family members. It was almost like a bidding war with Germany and good old Britain pledging support. Aylan’s family finally got settled in Canada.

Almost 2 years later and the same hypocrisy and double standards has reappeared in the face of the plight of #SaveDanaAli.

A woman who is alleged to have found her way from Saudi Arabia to the Philippians was detained on her way to Australia where she was looking forward to seek asylum. When the Saudis got word that one of their female citizen was running around the globe without a male escort, an offense
punishable by lashes in her home country, they requested the Philippines to have her returned to Saudi Arabia.

Social media has been going ape shit over this story.

Hard line anti-Muslim immigrants sympathized with Dana for her story with an online petition to implore the Trump administration to intervene for Dana’s welfare, to protect her from the wrath she would incur if she was returned to her home country for breaking the rules, consequences Dana was well aware would follow.

The News is filled with stories of immigrants from Niger, Cameroon, Nigeria all seeking asylum, escaping from the horrors of poverty and insecurity courtesy of BokoHaram, but the world doesn’t seem to be giving them attention. Again, these immigrants aren’t as important as compared to a
privileged Saudi woman who is buying visa’s to escape the comfort of her family home.

Hindu mythology claims that this is the age of Kali-Yuga. The age of hypocrisy. I believe them. The people around here are full of it.