Today, I created BNStopwatch web.

[BNStopwatch | Stopwatch with big numbers!](

It’s just a stopwatch with big numbers. It’s my first redux+react web application. Now, it’s design is not so good, but once it’s completed, all have to do is improvement!

BNStopwatch is also on the appstore: [Stopwatch with big numbers — BNStopwatch on the App Store](

KeyboardObserver is a swift library which frees you from keyboard related complicated notification handling.

KeyboardObserver 0.4.0 is released now. In this release, I fixed the event.curve property.

It was UIAnimationOptions, but correctly it is UIAnimationCurve. So changed it as its correct type. At the same time, I added new options property which acts as older curve, UIAnimationOptions.

KeyboardObserver is a swift library which frees you from keyboard related complicated notification handling.

From this version 0.3.0, this is compatible with Swift 2.2. You can build it with no warning in Swift 2.2 environment.

morizotter/KeyboardObserver: For less complicated keyboard event handling

You can use it with Carthage or Cocoapods.


Hi, there. I created YouTube movie series for iPhone development beginners. It is now only for Japanese, but translation is always open to the world:) — now a bit French translations.

In this movie series, I created the app “PhotoDiary”. It is very simple app with camera and photo list. You can learn how to create iPhone app through these movies.

The series’ aim is to let beginners know how iPhone app is created. So, it starts with installing Xcode — development environment.

And to see it at ease, the screen is zoom while coding.

Zoom for codes!

The background

The cameraman is imaimiami…

A while ago, I held develper event. At that time, I looked for a stopwatch/timer with big numbers. I just searched for them with big numbers. But I couldn’t find a good one.

So, I created:)

I created BNStopwatch for iPad. But it is also available in iPhone & AppleWatch.

BNStopwatch normal look

SwiftRefresher is a good alternative of UIRefreshControl. This library solves one big problem and offer one good feature to widen programmer’s freedom.

Solve the problem of UIRefreshControl on UITableView in UIViewController

UIRefreshCotrol works well in UITableViewController. But it is mostly used on UITableView in UIViewController. In this case, UIRefreshControl works strange because UIRefreshControl is supposed to work on UITableViewController.

SwiftRefresher solves this problem. It works well also on UITableView itself. When pulling over the designated height — default 44px, the refresh event fires.

Widen developer’s freedom with fully customizabe view

SwiftRefresher is easily customizable. The view is a subclass of UIView comforming to SwiftRefresherEventReceivable. If you want to customize SwiftRefresher, pass your view to it with:

I heard medium from my co-worker today. I asked him that the best place to write in English. And I come here now. I don’t know what to write right now so this is kind of test writing.

I’m working in engineering field. I write Swift/Objective-C and a little bit Ruby. Last weekend, setup Raspberry Pi for first time. Ansible is good tool to learn and make up server side environment.

I wonder how many Japanese are here?


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