All you need to Know about THAT Conference(2018) at Kalahari Resort Wisconsin Dells.

This year I was privileged to attend “THAT Conference” that took place Wisconsin Dells,Special thanks to my Employer for granting me such an awesome opportunity. THAT conference is also known by the name “Summer camp for Geeks” THAT conference officially kicked off on August 6th- 8th. This was the seventh year of this conference since its inception. I am so proud to have joined other Midwest technology geeks and share knowledge. As we all know Knowledge is power and Information is liberating.

As a first Attendee I must confess that this was such an amazing opportunity, because for one I had never been to the beautiful Wisconsin Dells which makes me a “A first time Camper” and more so to the Kalahari Resort, which is known for its giant Waterpark and as the third largest indoor Waterpark in USA. I was very excited and eager to step foot in there. For those who are still floating , I will start by defining what “THAT Conference” is all about: Is a tech conference for developers, rooted in community, exploring the internet of things, and all technologies used for mobile, web,Robotics,Apps, Kids who code & cloud.

Wisconsinites are strong believers in good times, They love bacon, beer and cheese. And Lots of it. It turns out to be true. There was plenty of that especially bacon. whenever you hear about “ THAT Conference” I would confidently write here without fear of contradiction or favor, that never worry about meals. The meals are so delicious! one of the best meals I have ever heard.

What makes THAT conference so Unique? The fact that the attendees bring along their family and the conference provides a Family schedule to accommodate the Family for an extra $45.What a brilliant idea!

Like I mentioned above there are three sessions in total, the regular session lineup, the family session and the open sessions. The attendees have an option of choosing between the regular session and the open sessions. The open sessions are formed by anyone who is interested to discuss about a certain topic. I attended some of the open sessions and we had an open discussion with few other attendees it was absolutely worth it!

THAT conference schedule always began with “THAT 5K” and “THAT Yoga” every morning at 6 am, a fitness event for all campers and their family members(don’t forget to pack your running shoes), then followed by Breakfast at 7:30 am, after breakfast there is a keynote speech from 8:30 am to up to around 10 am. And then from 10:30 am the various sessions would begin rolling out including the open sessions, don’t forget to download “THAT App” to have access to all the the sessions, venues, speakers and the short description about those sessions and the speaker this would give one kinda and overview on what to expect. I would recommend anyone to use the App as opposed to the “hardcopy” schedule that will be handed over to you after you done with the registration.

Enough said about the conference, lets now talk about fun stuffs! As the common phrase goes “ All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” its good to to have a good relaxation time once in a while ,Wisconsin Dells is a perfect place for that. After the last session of Day one from 5:30 pm its “Happy hour” time, lots of food and alcohol, each person is given two tickets for free drinks and after that there is a beverage cart right there and some finger food, you can always buy more drinks if you want, the best opportunity of meeting all great people and exchange ideas. At the end of Day two of the conference there is “THAT Pig Roast” basically here, who said we need to eat hotdogs all day. This is another opportunity to meet new people and chill with friends and family but get fueled up because the waterpark party is later the same night. From 10:30pm to 1:30 pm is “THAT Waterpark Party” the entire indoor water park at kalahari has been rented out just for “geeks” and their families, no crazy lines, pretty awesome huh!

Kalahari Resort is so beautiful, in case you miss accomodation at the Kalahari Resorts , don’t worry at all, there are plenty of other options nearby that offer decent accommodation, for example Ramada Hotels, Baker’s Sunset Bay Resorts, Sands Hotel,Wintergreen Resorts,Grand Marquis Waterpark,Hilton Garden, Alakai Hotel, Holiday Inn,Hampton Inn,Travelodge, Great Wolf Lodge and many more,the list is huge.

There are lots of things to do while in Dells, the list of Wisconsin Dells attractions number close to 100, so there’s no shortage of things from attraction activities,entertainment and recreational . Some of the Indoor waterparks includes Chula Vista Resort ,Great Wolf Lodge, Kalahari Resorts, Mt. Olympus Waterpark, wilderness Hotel and golf resort. The outdoor Waterparks includes all the names mentioned above plus Noah’s Ark Waterpark. There is also lots of amusement parks and rides where you could ride a roller coaster, take the wheel on a go kart,or zip through the trees places that offer such are like Adare go carts,Big chiefs go cart and many others. There is also animal related from tame to exotics, these animal attractions are full of family-friendly fun such as the Timber falls adventure park. There are breweries,wineries and distilleries like Moosejaw Pizza and dells brewing company, baraboo bluff winery and excetra. Dont forget to go to down town Wisconsin Dells when you looking for something delicious, entertaining or stylish downtown has it all. Did you also know that Wisconsin Dells is 24/7 gaming excitement if you wanna experience that go to Ho-chunk Gaming . Are you a golfer? Wisconsin Dells has something to offer at cold water canyon Golf course at Chula vista Resort. Are you a fun of Live entertainment and Theaters , well the Dells has plenty to offer from circus world , Tommy Barlett Show , Palace Theater and many more. The natural beauty of the Dells is breathtaking you could take a scenic tour while there example is the Dells Army Duck Tours, Boat Tours,Bigfoot Zipline Tours and many more. The dells is also known for relaxing spas , relax and unwind at a serene environment.

These aren’t the only places and things to see in the Dells, there dozens of lodging and entertainment options, and restaurants of all different cuisines! There are many reason to visit the Dells. Find out yourself what this beautiful city has to offer by attending THAT Conference 2019 from August 5th -7th. See you next year !

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