7 years

It’s been 7 years since death came knocking for you.

7 years since I’ve heard your laughter.

7 years since receiving one of your hugs.

7 years since you last saw your grandson.

I can still hear your laughter, though.

I can still feel your arms around me.

And in your grandson’s eyes, I see you.

7 years since watching you read with the light of the sky upon you.

7 years since hearing you call me “pumpkin.”

7 years since walking beside you.

I still see you every time I open a book.

I will always be your “pumpkin.”

And when I walk, I know your essence is beside me.

7 years ago death came knocking for you.

7 years ago the contours of my life permanently changed.

7 years ago the world shifted.

Death came knocking for you but death did not erase you.

You are just beyond the veil.

And we hold your light.